The Wild Atlantic Oyster cart, the brainchild of Glenn, one of our young team members, first saw the light of day at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Sligo in 2014. Serving fresh Sligo oysters on the street at Europe’s largest music festival brought the Wild Atlantic Oyster brand directly to the consumer in a unique and quirky way. As a fresh and healthy alternative to the normal fast food, these oysters had travelled no more than a few kilometers from their natural environment, where they were cultivated in the pure waters of the Wild Atlantic Coast.


Branching into the formal setting of the wedding reception was an easy transition for Glenn and his oyster cart. As a mobile serving unit, it can be transported anywhere in the country, and set up either indoors or out, depending on weather.

For that special touch of class, what can beat an introductory glass of Champaign in one hand and a fresh oyster from Sligo Bay in the other? And all served on site, to set the tone on that most special of days.

Call Glenn on 086 120 9817, to discuss details, or send an email through our contacts page.


For the special birthday, wedding anniversary or other such event where large numbers of guests are gathered, the Wild Atlantic Oyster cart is ready and waiting.

To arrange, go to the contact page on this site and email us with your query, or call Glenn directly on 087 120 9817.

Corporate Entertainment:

With a view to indoor entertainment, we have a miniature version of the Wild Atlantic Oyster cart. This is a particularly neat and mobile unit, which can be set up in minutes and placed discretely at your corporate reception. Whatever your event, that special touch is added by fresh seafood, and what is more special than the oyster, cultivated in Wild Atlantic waters, purified, and served fresh from its natural environment?

To arrange, use our contacts page, or call Glenn on 086 120 9817.